Anna Kramer 

June 2023
Residency at the
Egon Schiele Art Centrum, Český Krumlov (CZ), funded by Land Oberösterreich (Upper Austria)
This project centers around a bodily exploration of the stone layer called Bohemian Mass that stretches from the Czech Republic to Upper Austria, where I come from. Starting with a trip along the Austrian-Czech border, I visited rocks and collected stones in order to immerse myself in their corporeality throughout the residency. 

July - August 2022
Residency Kunstfestival Begehungen, Thalheim
For the art festival with the title Plansch in an abandoned swimming pool in a small town near Chemnitz, I realized the site-specific installation "Stagnant Waters".
I worked with the mingled atmosphere of play that had once taken place here and the desolation that is becoming more and more prevalent. I filled two indoor-pools with inky black bitumen-based liquid that would congeal into large puddles with reflective surfaces. 

May 2022
The project for the residency at the Kunsthalle Kleinschönach centered around the paradox of the physical to strive for its fullest expression whilst also being in a constant process of dissolution. 
With the material of alabaster, I created sculptures of the series yearnings while also  working with collecting and dispersing the material that was removed during the sculpting process.